The whole “hiring developers” thing

Approaching a year ago I was asked to step into the VP of Development job at Sauce Labs, which in retrospect is the first time I have ever had a job that was basically “full-time”[…]


Geddy.js Rocks

About 7 months ago, I decided I was going to try to build a small web app for doing group events. The concept is nothing revolutionary, but I had some differentiating ideas and have a[…]

The Perils of Language Learning

In 9th grade I had to pick between Spanish or French and even though I had French speaking family at home, I had absolutely no interest in either. And to make matters worse, I had[…]

JSConf and NodeConf – 2011

Last week was both JSConf and NodeConf in Portland, OR and it was absolutely epic. I spend all year looking forward to the various Portland conferences, but this year happened to also be my first[…]

Node.JS is a Swimming Pool

Over the past six months I have heard about the unbelievable awesomeness involved in this project called Node.JS. At first I thought, “Server Side JS NOT on the JVM” – YAY! Then after a few[…]

CouchCamp was great

I just wanted to drop a quick note outlining some of my thoughts about CouchCamp (or you could call it “Swiss Family Robinson” meets database geeks anonymous). First and foremost — having a tech conference[…]

September, Month of Travel

This summer has been relatively light on conference travel for me, minus some time in Portland for Open Source Bridge.. (which was awesome, again). Next week I will be heading up to Couch Camp at[…]

My new gig – Sauce Labs

After almost two years of working at Slide Inc, I have started my new job at Sauce Labs. The press release can be found here: “Sauce Labs Adds Windmill Test Framework Co-Creator Adam Christian to[…]

Considering in-house web automation?

Recently I have had numerous conversations with people at various tiers of companies all over the place who are toying with the idea of building their own test automation and continuous integration infrastructure. Since I[…]