Google’s “Project FI” – Can you hear me now?

A month or so before I started considering a trip abroad, I read a blog post about Google’s “Project FI”. The concept that Google wants to become it’s own cellular carrier (or even become an abstraction over other carriers) — is quite an interesting move, especially — given my history of endless unhappiness regarding my phone carriers. Having traveled to Europe a number of times over the last 5 years, I was always extremely frustrated with the $30 for 120mb of data — really? Of course two weeks in Europe, especially if you intend to continue doing your job, means that you are going to wind […]

A Farewell to Sauce Labs

Five and a half years ago when I started at Sauce Labs it was a small group (in a small office) with a mission from god to not only build a cloud service for test automation, but to build a global community around CD (continuous delivery). It was a big vision, with lots of unknowns and like anything worth doing – it was a roller coaster ride from day one. Since then, I’ve attended and presented at conferences all over the world, helped to hire a world class Engineering, Operations and Support organization and have seen global adoption of CD grow […]

The whole “hiring developers” thing

Approaching a year ago I was asked to step into the VP of Development job at Sauce Labs, which in retrospect is the first time I have ever had a job that was basically “full-time” management. I had convinced myself that I would somehow magically find enough time to also do a full-time developer job, that didn’t quite happen. Over the last 6 months I have spent 3/4 of my time concentrating on building out a development team. As it turns out, this process involves all the things; finding/hiring developers, organizing budget and roles, interfacing with recruiters, salary and stock […]

Geddy.js Rocks


About 7 months ago, I decided I was going to try to build a small web app for doing group events. The concept is nothing revolutionary, but I had some differentiating ideas and have a need to be continuously exploring new tools. The first evolution was built using Express.js, CouchDB and a custom model layer. To be honest, this is a really nice prototyping tool chain — I enjoyed getting to know CouchDB views a bit better, and the freedom of writing everything from scratch. I made a ton of progress over about 4 months and was excited about getting […]

The Perils of Language Learning

In 9th grade I had to pick between Spanish or French and even though I had French speaking family at home, I had absolutely no interest in either. And to make matters worse, I had a pretty serious condition called “computer programmer” – which made my 8:20 AM class about the last possible place I could ever learn anything. I chose French, and specifically remember waking up (having fallen asleep) watching some totally useless and uninteresting educational French video of two terrible actors standing in room talking about the appliances in their kitchen. I mean, what else are they going to talk about […]

JSConf and NodeConf – 2011

Last week was both JSConf and NodeConf in Portland, OR and it was absolutely epic. I spend all year looking forward to the various Portland conferences, but this year happened to also be my first, the first ever NodeConf and a lot of thick bacon. If you aren’t aware of that term, it has become a great way to gauge the accumulated awesomeness regarding the quality of experience at a conference. I believe this was coined at one of the previous JSConfs and I have found it to be a useful addition to my vocabulary. The opening party was […]

Node.JS is a Swimming Pool

Over the past six months I have heard about the unbelievable awesomeness involved in this project called Node.JS. At first I thought, “Server Side JS NOT on the JVM” – YAY! Then after a few days of that I thought, “I really don’t care about server side code, even if it is JS”. See the thing is, right out of college I started fooling with raw DOM, cross browser event firing and capturing and building pretty big cool projects without the help and support of jQuery. So I developed this sick enjoyment of writing tons of raw uninhibited, IE 6 […]

CouchCamp was great

I just wanted to drop a quick note outlining some of my thoughts about CouchCamp (or you could call it “Swiss Family Robinson” meets database geeks anonymous). First and foremost — having a tech conference at a summer camp is just plain awesome. As we all know that the social lubrication required to gel a bunch of geeks can lead to a state where said geeks should not operate any kind of a vehicle. In this case, all they had to do was walk 100 feet down a trail and pass out. Secondly, I really like the idea that the […]

September, Month of Travel

This summer has been relatively light on conference travel for me, minus some time in Portland for Open Source Bridge.. (which was awesome, again). Next week I will be heading up to Couch Camp at Walker Creek Ranch. I am really looking for it for multiple reasons, but having visited the venue when it was being considered I couldn’t help but be blown away with the hidden little Marin valley. I really look forward to participating in the CouchDB geekery, general Open Source geekery, and outstanding scenery. After which I have a week to prepare for a lengthy trip involving […]

iPad’s, iPhone’s, iThink I’m going broke

Some of you may know that over the past few years I have been a bit of a early adopter, when it comes to Apple products. A few years ago, it was considerably easier — since the rate of product releases felt much slower and the increase in technological capabilities of each of the revisions seems significantly less compelling than today. I remember thinking, I have a Macbook Pro and an iPod — what else could Apple possibly release that would be so compelling that I had to have it. As the upgrades happened, the iPod was still really just […]