My new gig – Sauce Labs

After almost two years of working at Slide Inc, I have started my new job at Sauce Labs.

The press release can be found here: “Sauce Labs Adds Windmill Test Framework Co-Creator Adam Christian to Engineering Team“.

Slide Inc.

I had a fantastic experience and learned a ton working with the really talented team of engineers, artists and product managers over at Slide. It was incredibly educational to work in an environment where so many people use your product everyday. I built a lot of really cool features there for SuperPocus and spent a year building a test automation infrastructure, and molding Windmill to be able to test anything and everything they put in front of me.

Slide was really amazingly understanding as I went through some personal struggles over the past few months. I will miss the people the most, as Slide created a great environment enabling people to effectively work together to solve really challenging problems.

Sauce Labs

Since I moved to the Bay Area, more than once I have seen people leave jobs to goto what they deemed their “dream job”. I never really understood what they meant by that designation until now.

Sauce Labs is solving exactly the class of problems that I find the most interesting, challenging, and sought after by so many people. I’m incredibly grateful and excited to be a part of the team working to make running your tests in the cloud seamless and fast, instead of frustrating and painful. The crew of people I will be working with are second to none and I look forward to learning all I can from them.

Sauce expects everyone to work directly with customers to ensure the best experience, and I look forwarding to helping many new teams get setup with test automation.


It’s hard to outline exactly what future projects I will be involved in, as the technology is moving forward incredibly fast. I do know there are so many ways that we can make the testing community stronger, and the tools better. I see NodeJS and CouchDB opening many doors to new innovations and I would like to continue improving my Python skills.

I will still be within a block from South Park, so let me know if you are in the area and want to grab lunch!

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3 thoughts on “My new gig – Sauce Labs

    1. Windmill maintains an important place in the testing community, and I will continue to push the project forward potentially more so now than I have been able to for the last couple years. There is a lot of innovation on the horizon for testing, and I would like Windmill to be on the front lines of that. Additionally I am looking forward to Sauce OnDemand service supporting Windmill Tests, allowing the Windmill community to utilize the power of the cloud.

      I want to be clear that this is in every way a positive thing for the Windmill project, and feel free to ping me on IRC if you have any other concerns!

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