Diving into GIT

Over the last year, I have known that the day would come when I could no longer avoid moving from SVN (my comfort zone) to this new beast called GIT that everyone is so excited[…]

Windmill Gets a Facelift for 1.0Beta1

Working up to the Windmill 1.0 Beta 1 Release, I finally had the opportunity to put some time into making the IDE (that a lot of you live in when in test writing mode) a[…]

Zero to Continuous Integration with Windmill

Following ‘automation’ and ‘continuous integration’ in the micro blogging world I have seen a major influx in people being super interested in functionally automating their web apps. I have seen a slew of things about[…]

Bringing Windmill to Life

Project Status I have spent nearly every day since July 7th working to bring the Windmill Project up to a level where it can be used reliably in a production environment. Our mission starts with[…]

JUnit Compatible Reporting for Windmill

A large part of the utility in a testing framework like Windmill is the ability to interoperate with a continuous integration environment. Much of the work that has gone into Windmill recently has been the[…]

OSCON 2008 Recap

This year was my second year at OSCON in Portland, and it’s pretty amazing for me to look back at last July and know that I was working at OSAF. A lot can happen in[…]

Oscon 2008 Schedule

Every year I like to make myself a road map of how I will be spending my time during OSCON. As there are so many interesting possible talks, gatherings and social events it’s tough to[…]

iPhone 3G — The Saga Continues.

As you all know — this morning at 8 AM PST, the new iPhone 3G was made available at Apple and AT&T stores on the west coast. Being a compulsive early adopter of such things,[…]

Leaving Rearden Commerce, What’s Next?

What happened? As some of you may have heard, today I resigned from my position at Rearden Commerce. Leaving a company is never a fun thing, because you know how you feel when you hear[…]

Real Estate Data Services

This is my final business review from the high school era, however this one is especially important because it forced me to get my hands dirty with some serious database work and made me write[…]