MozMill 1.1 UI Overview

During the Open Design session at Mozilla with Aza we were informed that we could load a HTML file with a Chrome URL, allowing me to rebuild the MozMill UI a bit more like a web page instead of using the XUL constructs that I had been struggling with. Granted it feels a lot more like a web page than it does a desktop application, but the speed that I can build new UI features by using libraries like JQuery UI have made it worth it. The combination of writing content style HTML, and the good advice we received have […]

IE Web Development Tips

As a web developer you are probably aware of that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you suffer when posed with the idea of testing your freshly written JavaScript that works perfectly in FireFox. For years now, we have had to ‘suck it up’, and pour a glass of scotch to get through an afternoon of testing in IE. As I am now a Web Developer at Rearden Commerce who currently caters to an audience of enterprise users instead of your standard bay area geek population — I have to make sure everything I commit works nicely […]